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Work/Life English

F-03.05 Read & Understand Market Ads. Use Them for Shopping.

F-03.05 Read & Understand Market Ads. Use Them for Shopping.

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WorkLife English: a Competency-Based Reading / Writing Book 4: Cross-Cultural Communication, Chapter 4 / “Eating & Drinking,” pages 52-55

4 pages  

Who It’s For: Language Learners Interested in Value When Grocery Shopping

Why You Need It: When shopping for groceries, many people consult newspaper, mailed, and/or online ads for specials, prices, and/or meal planning.  Here are  simulated fliers that may inspire text users to use real, current information to look for bargains. 

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] Look over black-and-white facsimiles of (outdated) kinds of newspaper market ads, fliers, or downloads.  Answer the questions and talk about them.

[2] Collect actual, ongoing info on availability of groceries, prices, sales, specials, and saving money—from printed papers or online. Use them to (work together) to find discounts, deals, and values that contribute to “smart shopping.” Get in the habit of optimizing options in regard to meal planning and buying food. 


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