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Work/Life English

F-04.03 Get Simplified (Vocabulary in) Applications for Employment

F-04.03 Get Simplified (Vocabulary in) Applications for Employment

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WorkLife English: LifeSkills Skillsbook 1, Chapter 9 / “Work,”  pages 130-131 + LifeSkills Workbook 1  (Spelling & Vocabulary), pages 135-137


Who It’s For: New & Novice Readers / Writers Reviewing Employment Vocabulary (in Generic Forms)

Why You Need It: The vocabulary of (the concept of) seeking work is very basic.  In exercises and a puzzle, here’s a little more practice in it.

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] Look over, identify, comprehend, and answer questions about  a generic application for employment.  Fill in parts of it.  

[2] Get pedagogy and do exercises on spelling the / j g ng / sounds.  Get rules for adding -(e)d endings to verbs.  Complete a crossword puzzle.  Match parts of some past-time sentences.  Write others from dictation.  Compare your work with the original. 

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