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Work/Life English

F-04.04 Experience Paperwork Involved in Employment

F-04.04 Experience Paperwork Involved in Employment

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WorkLife English: a Competency-Based Reading / Writing Book 2: English in Everyday Life, Chapter 7 / “Work,” pages 90-104

15 pages  

Who It’s For: New Readers / Writers of Information Related to Getting & Keeping Jobs. Use It in Building Written Language Skills   

Why You Need It: Whether you or your students are looking for work, beginning new jobs, or employed, the process is bound to involve some reading and writing.   Contextualized into paragraphs, exercises, ads, and forms, here’s plenty of (simulated realia with) language to work with. 

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] In Part One / Read & Understand, look through generic info about “Looking for a Job.”  Do comprehension exercises.  Show / Increase your knowledge of abbreviations (in job ads).      

[2] In Part Two / Information, read about “Social Security.”  Work with simulated applications for benefits and jobs.   

[3] In Part Three / Spelling, go over spellings for five vowel sounds.  Learn how to add -(e)d and -(e)r endings to words.  Do exercises.  Insert vocabulary into contexts.  

[4]  In Part Four / Read & Write, peruse typical job classifications.  Alphabetize them.  Match job titles to the categories.  Capitalize & punctuate ad language.   Compose ads from dictation, verbiage, and current reality.

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