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Work/Life English

F-05.02 & F-05.03 Use More “Simulated Realia”—Like a Calendar of Events

F-05.02 & F-05.03 Use More “Simulated Realia”—Like a Calendar of Events

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WorkLife English: a Competency-Based Reading / Writing Book 5: Language & Culture in Depth, Chapter 1 / “Meeting People,” pages 13-15 + Chapter 7 / Getting Along with People,” pages 92-94

 6 pages  

Who It’s For:  Readers / Writers of ( Simulated / Real ) Consumer-Related (Printed)  Language

Why You Need It: In “the olden days,” facsimiles of “realia” (real objects / material from everyday life used as teaching tools) were often “reset” on textbook pages, sometimes with changes to make them easier to comprehend or more productive in lessons. Here are a few of them—related to events, products, and services.   

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] Look at a mock-up of a newspaper “Calendar of Events.”  Classify each announcement as to its intended audience, its sponsor, and its location.  Match its purpose to a situation.  Look at real, current “Calendars,” too—for events that might interest you and others.

[2] Follow similar steps with simulated “telephone yellow pages” listings and ads.  See if such materials still exist, and—if not, what has taken their place.

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