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Work/Life English

F-06.05 Read, Use, & Create (Special Family-Occasion) Stories, Announcements, Invites, & Messages

F-06.05 Read, Use, & Create (Special Family-Occasion) Stories, Announcements, Invites, & Messages

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WorkLife English: a Competency-Based Reading / Writing Book 3: An Immigration Story, Chapter 10 / “Family & Special Occasions,” pages 127-138

15 pages

Who It’s For: Who It’s For: Learners Who Like Concluding (a Division of) Language Instruction With (Or By Learning About) Celebration

Why You Need It: Many processes (series of lessons) conclude with closing ceremonies or equivalent activities.   Here’s material with two very different (happy) endings, followed by suggestions (reminders) of other kinds of significant (family) events.  It can bring fitting closure to a short course in written language skills.     

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] With the color Chapter Opener, discuss the kinds of family or related occasions that people usually share with others—plus various means of announcing them.   Then in Part One / The Story, read, react to, and think about what might be included in a two-ending story called “A Family Ceremony” in various cultures. 

[2] In Part Two / Practical Reading & Writing, peruse mock-ups of announcements for events like a baby shower, an anniversary, a wedding, a birthday, a holiday, a funeral, and the like.  Collect, pass around, and discuss the meanings and significance of real, current family news and greeting cards.    

[3] In Part Three / the Rules of Writing, experience reading and writing text with direct and indirect quotations.  Look through tips for spelling silent consonants. Write conversation from dictation.  Also, put your own (real or made-up) exchange about family occasions into writing.

[4]  In Part Four / Communicating in Writing, do an exercise on “Sending a Telegram.”  Compose other such messages from given or real information.  Finally, write short sample or authentic personal letters.

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