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F-07.01 Survey a Reading Text

F-07.01 Survey a Reading Text

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What’s the Point? Book One: Beginning to Read for Meaning. Cover, Inside Cover, Table of Contents, “To Readers & Helpers: Instructions for Use” on pages vi to viii.

8 pages

Who It’s For: Language & Reading Teachers; Readers Learning to Survey to Determine the Purpose or Value of a Text

Why You Need It:  Before investing in a book or other lengthy print matter, it may save time or energy to look it over to see if it warrants closer reading.  Surveying is a reading strategy that leads to better comprehension and ease.                      

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1]  On (outside & inside) covers, notice titles, authors, publishers, & general information.  

[2]  Peruse the Table of Contents to get an overview of what’s in the book—and to find sections of special interest or value to you.

[3]  Skim or scan the Preface for broad advice on how to best use the book in (self-)teaching or for other purposes.  

[4] Continue to look at equivalent or comparable sections of any other texts you’re considering using.  Use surveying (automatically) whenever you preview reading matter.   


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