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F-07.02 Recognize Kinds of Material to Read for Meaning

F-07.02 Recognize Kinds of Material to Read for Meaning

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What’s the Point? Book One: Beginning to Read for Meaning. Intro: “Kinds of Reading,” pages 1-6 

6 pages

Who It’s For: Language & Reading Teachers & Learners Wanting Reminders of the Scope of Reading as a Practical, Real-Life Ability

Why You Need It:  As a practical, everyday skill, the term reading applies to many areas of life preceding or beyond academic study.  To facilitate comprehension, various  kinds of reading (symbols, signs, visuals, one-liners, connected text, fiction, true stories, cards,  letters, factual info, etc.) may invite different approaches. Here’s a colorful introductory overview of “Kinds of Reading” with exercises to engage in.                       

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1]  On a text opening page, read and consider the focuses of its eight (8) Parts to follow.   

[2]  On page 2 of the What’s the Point? Book One Intro, look through explanations and examples of “Kinds of Reading with Meaning.” 

[3]  On following pages, match 32 numbered visuals with lettered captions a-z / aa-hh.  Check whether you agree with their interpretations of meaning.  Put these into your own words.   

[4] If you want more practice in this classifying skill, collect, label, and interpret the meaning of examples of these kinds of reading—on paper, onscreen, and/or in tangible reality.  Can you find instances of even more reading types?   Remember that in the future, before reading items carefully, you might ask yourself what type of material they are.  


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