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F-07.04a Get Concepts & Steps for Interpreting Meaningful Symbols

F-07.04a Get Concepts & Steps for Interpreting Meaningful Symbols

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Symbols 52-Card Decks A-M & N-Z, pages 1-24 to Print Out (Double-Sided) & Cut Into Nine Cards Each

24 Full-Sized Pages (to Cut Apart into Ninths)

Who It’s For: Teachers /  Learners Interested in Hands-On Materials to Handle and/or to Use as Models; Card Players & Others That Learn Better Through Competitive Play                 

Why You Need It:  In visual literacy instruction, it’s engaging and constructive to start with symbols—not only letters & numbers but also images that convey meaning                      through their simplicity.  Easily displayed and categorized symbols (icons, figures, and other simple representations of meaning) are ideal for the faces of educational playing cards.                          

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1]  Download & print out as many pages of Symbols Cards Decks A-M  and/or N-Z  as you need—two sided with identifying green + red  card backs.  Alternatively, print out only the even-numbered pages  (the card faces). Cut apart the 9-to-a-page images + 4 Wild Cards.      

[2]  Note how each grouping of 4 symbols starts with a different letter  (Activity, Business, Communication, and so on.) Notice also that under each large image, there are smaller copies of its 3 matches. 

[3]  As suggested in the accompanying Activity & Idea Book, use the Cards for learning activities—and cooperative/competitive games that utilize the 4-of-a-kind sequenced design of the deck. Try out even better ideas of your own—and/or of card players.

[4] Have fun and learn a lot about materials development by using the card decks as templates or models for your own collection of “Symbolic Meaning Materials.”

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