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C-02a Symbols Card Decks Activities & Ideas Book

C-02a Symbols Card Decks Activities & Ideas Book

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Activity & Idea Book for Symbols Card Decks A-Z: Creative Activity & Game Ideas for Teaching & Learning Symbols in 26 Meaning Categories, pages 1-36

36 Half-Sized Pages

Who It’s For: (Card-Playing) Language & Reading Teachers / Learners Interested in       (the Vocabulary of) Symbolism in World Culture, Science, Education, & Everyday Life

Why You Need It:  Though numbers and alphabet letters are the most essential symbols, life offers many other kinds of icons, figures, logos, and simplified representations of ideas and actions.  Lessons on symbolism work especially well when they involve visual acuity, sequencing, categorizing, matching, and fun.  Here all together are the what, why, & how of categorized symbolic images

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

 [1] “Survey” a 36-page small-format resource book. Look at its (outside, inside,  back) covers.  Scan its Table of ContentsRead the rationale for teaching / learning symbolism with images like those in a pack of 104 Four-of-a-Kind Picture Cards in 26 Meaning Categories.  Read through 26 potential Classifications of Meaning A through Z.  Understand what a (useful) card-deck design for such decks could look like.     

 [2] With accompanying (or other) materials, try out  3 concepts for Flash-Card Learning Activities and 10 sets of procedures for cooperative/competitive card games.  Make good use of an illustrated Symbols Card Decks A-M & N-Z Answer Key.

[3] For ideas on “How to Go Beyond Symbols Card Decks A-Z,” consider Drawing Out Symbolically, Creatively Interpreting Images, and Describing Symbols, and Designing Your Own Logos & Such.  Continue to teach / learn imaging in creative, motivating, and effective ways. 

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