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Work/Life English

F-07.06 See, Comprehend, Get the “Wisdom” of, & Use All Kinds of One-Liners

F-07.06 See, Comprehend, Get the “Wisdom” of, & Use All Kinds of One-Liners

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What’s the Point? Book One: Beginning to Read for Meaning. Part 3: “The Point of One-Liners (Proverbs & Quotes),” pages 39-54

16 Pages  

Who It’s For: Teachers & Students of “Cultural Literacy” & Others Interested in Traditional, Universal, and/or Equal vs. Opposite Expression of Meaning in Few       Words. Speakers & Writers Who Want to Be Quoted.

Why You Need It:  Whether they are sayings, quotations, catch-phrases, headlines, witticisms, or picture captions, one-liners are among the first pieces of text that               readers attend to.  Proverbs & Quotes are uniquely efficient vehicles of expression of meaning. They’re also models of succinct, powerful writing.                               

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1]  Peruse the 16-page Part 3: The Point of One-Liners. Decide what you want to focus on: Common English vs. International Proverbs, Truths with Opposite Meanings, Creative Wisdom, Language Patterns, One-Line Humor.  Either prioritize these in your teaching / learning plan or give equal attention to all sections.       

[2]  Read the explanations. Look carefully at exercise instructions, especially those directing readers to interpret, explain what the material means to them, and/or to give relevant examples from real-life encounters. Refer to Sidebars if their questions interest you.   

[3]  Follow steps to construe, clarify, discuss, and compare the meanings of up to 131 well-known sayings & quotes.  Note particularly that these suggestions encourage participants to relate printed wording to actual things, people, and events in the tangible / virtual world.

[4] Get more input on these topics from F-07.16, the What’s the Point? Book One Answer Key.  

[5]  Use what you’ve experienced to improve your own powers of wise, helpful, & creative expression—and to take in and absorb what others have to offer. 

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