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F-07.07b Produce & Use Phrasing of Proverbs Card Decks 1-45 & 46-90 (Beginnings & Endings)

F-07.07b Produce & Use Phrasing of Proverbs Card Decks 1-45 & 46-90 (Beginnings & Endings)

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90 Traditional English-Language Proverbs: Beginnings & Endings on 180 Cards: pages 1-40 to Print Out Double-Sided & Cut Apart

40 Full-Sized Pages (to Cut Apart into Ninths)

Who It’s For: Teachers & Students of “Folk Wisdom.” Learners Who Want to Improve Their “Sentence Sense” by Constructing, Separating, & Recombining Phrase & Statement Parts

Why You Need It:  The formulaic language of proverbs or traditional aphorisms may seem a little unusual in everyday speech, but its phrasing is what makes it memorable. Generally, its wording is worth working with for its cultural and vocabulary benefits.  Also, manipulating cards with (unusual) text on them is likely to help concentration, learning, memory, and cognition.                         

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] Look over the 40 pages of 180 Proverb Beginnings & Endings Cards. You can print out the cards with backs (which will provide hints when matching them)—or you can just print out their faces to provide even more linguistic challenge.  Cut the cards apart. Divide them into two decks of beginning + ending matches—90 cards that comprise 45 proverbs each.        

[2]  Again, notice the card formats: Cards 1-90 display phrase/sentence Beginnings. Their matching Endings are unnumbered. Proverbs 1-45 have green backgrounds; Proverbs 46-90 are printed on blue.  

[3]  Use ideas from the accompanying Activity & Idea Book to make good use of the decks—and/or devise procedures of your own. 

Collect well– (and lesser-) known “one-liners” on your own.  You may or may not want to Include (traditional) adages, aphorisms, slogans that are mottoes, (wisecracks or) witticisms, dictums, platitudes, and/or other short pieces of language that affect (current) attitudes, thinking, and oral / written expression.  If you wish, you can even make Card Decks out of some of these, using F-07.07b materials as models—and/or F-07.07a for ideas for use

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