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F-07.11b Begin by Honing Reading-for-Meaning Skills with Significant Factual/Historical/Cultural Content

F-07.11b Begin by Honing Reading-for-Meaning Skills with Significant Factual/Historical/Cultural Content

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Biographies: Short, Short Stories Based on “Messages of People’s Lives” = Everything to Know [Now] About Teaching & Learning with Biographical Material, pages 11-40 (30 Beginning-Level Biographies 1-12 & 13-30 + Exercises) 

28 Pages    

Who It’s For: Teachers / Students That Like to Work with Pre-Prepared (Biographical) “Reading Kits” with Easily Accessible Competency Checks, Quizzes, & Answers                                             

Why You Need It: Reading short, simple selections about significant figures’ impact is inherently satisfying.  It contributes to an understanding of world history & culture, boosting learners’ ability to absorb significant facts.  Also, convenient, ready-to-use reading materials save prep time and energy, can be used again and again, and serve as models for further materials development.  Here’s a major collection of carefully written easy-to-read Bios with Comprehension Aids on their backs.  

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] Read through two pages of description of and ideas on uses of “Two-Sided Reading Cards” with short Biographies of Famous People on their faces + concise Vocabulary & Main-Points + Important Information exercises on their reverse sides. Note the explanations of quizzes & follow-up.

[2]  On pages 17-24, leaf / glance through the subjects of basic Biographies 1-12, which begin with Abraham, Adam & Eve, Albert Einstein, and end with Mohammad, Mohammad Ali, Queen Elizabeth II.  Note the kinds of reading tools on even-numbered pages and the summarizing quiz items that follow.  Do the same with Biographies 13-30, on pages 25-38, which start with (the) Beatles, Bill Gates, (the) Buddha, and continue through Sammie David, Jr., Sigmund Freud, Yasser Arafat.     

[3]  Double-sided, print out and cut apart—three to a page—the 12 Beginning and 18 High-Beginning biographical Readings with Learning Aids. Do the same for the two 2-page “Mastery Quizzes” + Answer Keys.  Alternatively, devise effective onscreen (individualized, cooperative, and/or whole-group) techniques for the engaging, effective teaching/learning of biographical, historical, & cultural content.  

[4] Introduce, present, (supervise / monitor), teach / learn the factual material in the 30 biographical readings. (Continue to) Keep in mind the value of confirmed information about well-known (mostly real) figures—as well as the proven-effective steps and procedures involved in incorporating its facts into the (collective) consciousness.       

[5]  For more input, refer to the complete F-07.11 Biographies: Short, Short Stories . . . Everything to Know [Now] 

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