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Work/Life English

F-07.11d Devise, Create, & Teach / Learn from Beyond-Reading Games & Activities Based on Biographical Content

F-07.11d Devise, Create, & Teach / Learn from Beyond-Reading Games & Activities Based on Biographical Content

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Biographies: Short Stories Based on “Messages of People’s Lives” = Everything to Know [Now] About Teaching & Learning with Biographical Material, pages 127-152

26 Pages    

Who It’s For: Participants Wanting to Turn Book & Online Knowledge into Hands-On, Interactive, Cooperative Learning Processes; Materials Developers & Game Players

Why You Need It: It’s a perfect match: use all-encompassing, historical & cultural biographical content with versatile generic concepts that “put it all together” in inspiring games & activities.  Although these ideas work with any content-rich materials, they’re especially engaging and effective with biographical content.                                     

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1]  Browse through over 30 Idea Titles like Pronunciation of Sounds & Syllable-Stress Patterns in Names, Name-Memory Practice, Just Answer the Question, Collect Facts Quickly, Who Am I? Circulation Game, “Twenty Questions,” Mystery People, 1-2-3 in Sequence, Bio Tic-Tac-Toe, Lotto / Bingo & Variants, the Game of Knowledge, (Double-Sided) Card Play, and even more. Look for those that “grab you.”  Read for the details of the concepts that fit your purposes, situations, goals, interests, and available resources.  

[2] Make good use of Classification (Categorizing) Activities to organize by moving from the general to the specific.  Play Category Games. While or after researching, Start Out with Portraits and Continue with Quotations.  Then for the fun and competition of flaunting your recognition skills, Name 103 Famous Figures in a Famous Painting.  Finally, engage in more Written Skills (Reading & Writing).  Gather Biographical Material, Compose & Write Papers, Optimize Composition Use, Create (Auto)Biographies, Write “Life-Now” Bios, and—believe it or now—do even more with already mastered and/or yet-to-gather-and-interpret input and concepts. 

[3]  Follow chosen / invented materials designs. Use content you have and/or collect more stimulating but relevant information and thoughts. Have participants create what they need, try out their handiwork, enjoy—and learn from—the results of their efforts, revise, improve, and keep on going in the spirit of educational innovation.           

[4] For easily applicable, well-researched and organized, already edited material, refer to the complete F-07.11 Biographies . . . “Everything to Know (Now) about Teaching & Learning . . . .” content teaching / learning resource.  The same Biographies with Learning Aids are also available in Downloads F-07.10, F-07.11b, F-07.11c, F-07.11d and F-07.11e.

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