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F-07.11e Review Generic Learner-Centered Reading Activities & Tests. Get It All Together with Advanced Biographical Articles.

F-07.11e Review Generic Learner-Centered Reading Activities & Tests. Get It All Together with Advanced Biographical Articles.

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Biographies: Short Stories Based on “Messages of People’s Lives” = Everything to Know [Now] About Teaching & Learning with Biographical Material, pages 77-122 (with 20 Advanced-Level Biographical Articles 61-80 + Analysis, Chronology, Perspectives)

46 Pages    

Who It’s For: Language /  Reading Teachers & Students Proficient in “Linear Bios” Who Are Ready for Integrated Material on Categories of Human Endeavor                                             

Why You Need It: After mastering template-based Famous-Figures Biographies on individual /  pairs of famous people, participants may want to try “putting it all together.” An innovative way of doing so might be with compact, crowded articles that (attempt to) “cover” broad areas of interest while naming their “major players.”  Alphabetized by category titles, these selections were laboriously compiled and augmented for Download F-07.11e.

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1]  On pages 77-82, go over summarizing explanation / instruction for “Generic Learner-Centered Reading Activities” (”Reading Card Kit” & “The Expert Game”) as well as “Testing Mastery.” Read about “Getting It Together with Biographical Articles.”    

[2] On pages 83-114, Look at the subjects of Biographical Articles 61-80, beginning with Actors & Acting, Business People, Crime & Criminals, & Dictators and extending through Sports Legends, Thinkers, U.S. Presidents, & Writers (not yet completed).  Planned for Article 80 (XYZ) is “The Most Significant Figures in Human History.” 

[3] Print out full-page Biographical Articles 61 through 75 (or whatever is done) double-sided.  Note that the reverse side of each page contains exercises, activities, and other learning tools.  Usually, there are sections on Vocabulary Building (words to relate or explain); the Context of Chronology (events to put in time order); Famous Names & Words (visuals with captions to match to proper names from the preceding article); and Tell Your Views (on relevant statements of opinion or quotes).

[4]  Does this seasoned, sweeping method of weaving famous figures into the fabric of world history & culture stimulate your scholarly impulses of imagination?  Continue using it for effective learning & teaching, thinking & creating, planning & doing. 

[5] For more input, refer to the complete F-07.11 Biographies Reference “Everything to Know (Now) about Teaching & Learning . . . .” content teaching / learning resource.

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