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Work Life English

C-02.01 Get Meaning from Context

C-02.01 Get Meaning from Context

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Steps to Take & Practice in Figuring Out New Vocabulary

(Part 2 of What’s the Word? Using New Vocabulary in the Real World)


11 pages                                   

Who They’re For: Teachers & Learners Working on Listening & Reading Comprehension 

Why You Need Them: The most efficient way to understand new words and phrases is from their context—the frameworks in which they appear. Figuring out their general meaning is the best way to understand what you hear and read without interruption and with ease.

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  Apply 3 kinds of context clues to make  “educated guesses” about meaning. Complete a “Meaning-from-Context Chart.” 

[2]  Choose between  possible definitions of words in simulated “Newspaper Advice-Column Letters.”

[2] Use context to fill in missing vocabulary in more “Letters.” Check the usefulness of your choices in given contexts. Compare them with other situations. 

[5] Use skills to go “beyond the text” in getting the meaning of new vocabulary you hear or read.


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