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C-05.6 Homophones: Get & Use Five 18-Pair Intermediate Homophones Card Decks

C-05.6 Homophones: Get & Use Five 18-Pair Intermediate Homophones Card Decks

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C-5.6 Get & Use Five 18-Pair Intermediate Homophones Card Decks

5 Decks: 6-11, 36 Two-Sided cards of 18 Homophone Pairs per Deck, 180 cards  (Words + Illustrated Definitions)

$8 (40 Pages)                                           

Who They’re For: Language Students & Readers Developing Homophonic Vocabulary. Card-Players    

Why You Need Them: After grasping the concept of homophones based on the most common pairings,  language students will want to learn more items and have fun doing so. The 180 items in Decks 6-11  introduce less frequent + exceptional spellings, vowel sounds before –r, silent consonants, and added word endings.

What You’ll Do: 

[1] From the Intermediate Homophones Card Decks file, download all 40 pages to print out back-to-back, flipped horizontally. Cut apart the 180 two-sided cards so that they’re all the same size and shape. Note that they can be divided into 5 separate sets of 36 cards (18 matching pairs) each, arranged alphabetically. 

[2] If helpful, use them as “Flash Cards” to preview the language content of the cards (the homophone pairs and their illustrated definitions). Include pronunciation/spelling  instruction when relevant. 

[3] Try some of the cooperative or competitive learning activities suggested in the Using Homophones: Intermediate Activity & Idea Book. Devise even more engaging procedures.  

[4] Alternatively, print out the 40 pages of 9 images each one-sided. Use these 180 cards for learning activities/games that involve matching: two homophones with each other, each word  with its illustrated definition, and/or all four cards functioning as a “quartet.”

[5] Review, reinforce, and go beyond the content of the material. 

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