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H-02.02 From its Instructor’s Manual, Get Direction & Ideas on How to Teach/Learn English Through Citizenship: Literacy Level

H-02.02 From its Instructor’s Manual, Get Direction & Ideas on How to Teach/Learn English Through Citizenship: Literacy Level

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Instructor’s Manual (I.M.) with an Overview of the English Through Citizenship Program + Teaching Notes—for Presentation & Practice of Units 1-5 of the English Through Citizenship, Literacy-Level Student Text.

47 8.5" x 11" pages

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) Newcomers (with Minimal English Skills) who want Guidance in Widely Propagated Concepts of Americana & U.S. Citizenship—on Topics such as Symbols & Holidays, (Famous) Americans, Immigration, U.S. Geography, & Best-Known Places. 

Why You Need It: Interested in “quick & cheerful” Entry into Subject Matter for participants interested in the U.S. and/or Citizenship?  Starting with content that almost everyone has some familiarity with—with simple line drawings unlikely to be misinterpreted—is likely to increase learner confidence, curiosity, and motivation.  To elicit these, here are Teaching / Learning Tips for eleven (11) 4-page Modules of (mostly pictorial) material from H-02.01 English Through Citizenship: Literacy Level

After a general Intro to ways of combining English-language acquisition with legal Citizenship requirements, this How-to Manual offers General Instructions on teaching “Americana” aurally / orally with mostly visuals. Then come detailed suggestions for coverage of five Units of material. Notice that the verbiage for each of the Student Text’s eleven (11) Modules 1A-1D, 2A-2B, 3A-3B, 4A-4B, 5A also include reference to a Pretest & Posttest, contained in H-02.03 English Through Citizenship: Literacy-Level Tests.  

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] Look over the Table of Contents of English Through Citizenship, Literacy Level I.M., noting how its sections correspond to the Units & Modules of the parallel Student Text.  To find out what’s available in the E.T.C. Program, peruse its General Description on pages 1 & 2.  The Literacy Level General Instructions on pages 3-5 summarize suggestions for ways to use (mostly) pictorial material to “ease into” Content (Subject Matter).  In this case, topics are U.S. Citizenship, Symbols & Holidays, (Famous) Americans & Immigration, U.S. Geography.    

[2] For Unit 1: The Residency or Citizenship Interview (on I.M. pages 6-19), try out approaches for working with participants’ Names & Addresses, Biographic & Other Information,  Family & Employment input.  These sections ought to help not only in situations requiring Applications or Interviews but also in getting acquainted and in preparing for (language / content) instruction.

[3] Teaching Notes for Unit 2: Symbols & Holidays (I.M. pages 20-25) address iconic American Symbols in Module 2A—and in Module 2B: Thanksgiving & Independence Day.  Follow suggested (and/or your own) Steps (for giving / taking a Pretest); for reviewing, engaging in, and moving forward with Vocabulary & Content; (and for checking progress with a Posttest).  On I.M. pages 28-32, do the same with Unit 3: Americans, containing Module 2A: Famous Americans & 2B: History of Immigration.  Continue with Unit 4: Geography (pages 33-38), which introduces Geographical Features of the U.S. in 3A and Famous Places in 3B. If it’s relevant, wrap up your “study” with Unit 5 (Module 5A): Becoming a Citizen on pages 39-40.  

In all interactions and activities, focus on your own unique (situational) needs, preferences, and wishes.  Have a good time, teach / learn, and engage others as you “warm up” to the subject matter of a “course” of topics referring to U.S. Citizenship & Americana.  

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