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H-02.05 From its Instructor’s Manual, Get Instructions & Ideas on How to Teach/Learn English Through Citizenship: Beginning Level

H-02.05 From its Instructor’s Manual, Get Instructions & Ideas on How to Teach/Learn English Through Citizenship: Beginning Level

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Instructor’s Manual (I.M.) of the English Through Citizenship Program + Teaching Notes:  Units 1-12 of the English Through Citizenship, Beginning-Level Student Text.  

74 8.5" x 11" Pages  

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) Language Learners or New Readers who want Guidance in (Re-) Acquiring Knowledge From Beginning-Level “Sheltered Social Studies” Curricula—on Topics like Symbols, Holidays, Americans, Immigration, Geography, Citizenship, the U.S. Constitution, U.S. Government, U.S. History. 

Why You Need It: Interested in easy access to Subject Matter about the United States and/or related to U.S. Residency / Citizenship?  The H-02.05 English Through Citizenship Beginning-Level I.M. offers Teaching / Learning Tips for 24 four-page Modules in 12 Units of illustrated, greatly simplified text material from H-02.04 English Through Citizenship: Beginning Level Student Text

After a general Description of ways to combine English-language practice with fulfillment of  Citizenship requirements, this How-to Manual offers General Instructions on teaching  “Americana,”  followed by specific suggestions for coverage of twelve (12) Units of material. Notice that the verbiage for each of the Student Text’s twenty-four (24) Modules 1A-1E, 2A-2C, 3A-3C, 4A-4D, 6A-6B, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A, 11A, 12A include reference to a Pretest & Posttest, contained in H-02.06 English Through Beginning-Level Tests. Answer Keys for these Tests, as well as for all Text Material, are at the end of the H-02.05 Instructor’s Manual (pages 64-66 & 67-68).   

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] Look over the Table of Contents of English Through Citizenship, Beginning Level I.M., noting how its sections correspond to the Units & Modules of the parallel Student Text.  To note  what’s available in the E.T.C. Program, peruse its General Description on pages 1 & 2.   Beginning-Level General Instructions on pages 3-9 suggest ways to use adapted material to review or present Content (Subject Matter) ranging from well-known “Symbols, Holidays, Historical Figures, & Places” to the U.S Constitution, all levels of Government, U.S. History.  

[2] For Unit 1: The Residency or Citizenship Interview (on I.M. pages 6-19), try out approaches for working with participants’ Names & Addresses; Biographic & Other Information; Family,  Employment, & Permanent Residency data.  These sections ought to help not only in situations requiring Applications or Interviews but also in getting acquainted and in getting into (language / content) instruction.

[3] Teaching Notes for Unit 2: Symbols & Holidays (I.M. pages 20-28) address common American Symbols in Module 2A, Thanksgiving & Independence Day In 2B, and More American Holidays in 2C.  Follow suggested (and/or your own) Steps (for giving / taking a Pretest); for reviewing, engaging in, and moving forward with Language & Content; (and for checking progress with a Posttest).  On I.M. pages 28-35, do the same with Unit 3: Americans, containing Module 2A: Famous Americans, 2B: History of Immigration, and 3C: Historical Figures.  Continue with Unit 4: Geography (pages 36-42), which begins to “cover” Geographical Features in 3A, Famous Places in 3B, and States & Cities: the West / the East in 4C / 4D. If it’s relevant, go on to Unit 5 (Module 5A): Citizenship on pages 43-44.  

[4] Finally, “cover the substance” of material central to “Sheltered Social Studies” about the U.S. On I.M. pages 46-48, get tips for presenting Unit 6: The Constitution, Modules 6A & 6B: Overview, Basic Rights & Freedoms.  Unit 7, Module 7A: The Federal Government is referenced on I.M. pages 49-50; Unit 8, Module 8A: State Government Branches & Officials, on pages 51-54; Unit 9, Module 9A: Local Government (which discusses County & City Services generically), on pages 55-56.  Instructions for a very brief “Overview of U.S. History” appear on I.M. pages 56-57.  Important Past Events in California serve as examples for Unit 11, Module 11A: About Your State on pages 59-60; on pages 61-63 (Module 12A: About Your Town or City), Los Angeles serves as a prototype for teachers / learners exploring their own locality. Answer Keys complete the H-02.05 Download.

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