H-02.10  ABOUT THE U.S.A,, a Compact Course of “Americana + Social Studies” Topics—Like Symbols & Holidays, Americans, Geography, History, The Constitution, Government, & Citizenship

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H-02.10 ABOUT THE U.S.A,, a Compact Course of “Americana + Social Studies” Topics—Like Symbols & Holidays, Americans, Geography, History, The Constitution, Government, & Citizenship


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llustrated Text About the U.S.A. The Alternative for H-02.07a & b: English Through Citizenship Intermediate Levels A & B Student Texts

126 Pages

Note: The material in H-02.10 About the U.S.A was derived from English Through Citizenship, Intermediate Level A & B, adapted by the U.S. Department of State Office of English-Language Programs, Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs

Created by Authors & Editors / WorkLife English, H-02.11: A Journey Through America contains the same material—with additional Modules for Non-Citizens or  related to State & City topics in H-02.12, the Journey Instructor’s Manual (I.M).   

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) English-Language Students & New Readers Wanting a Straightforward Book of “Americana”—Symbols & Holidays; Americans; Geography; U.S. History; the U.S. Constitution; (Federal, State, & Local) Government; Citizenship at Intermediate Reading, Social Studies, &  Learning Levels. 

Why You Need It: Organized a little differently, H-02.10 is another version of the materials in H-02.07 a & b English Through Citizenship, Intermediate-Levels A & B Student Books.  Re-published by the U.S. Department of Education, it was intended for use and distribution by U.S. Embassies around the world.  It consists of 34 four-page Modules in 9 Units to help in continuation of Civics / Citizenship education. In contrast to originals and other adaptations, it is somewhat condensed and without ancillaries such as an Instructor’s Guide, Pedagogical Notes, Tests, or Answer Keys.  (These can be found in H-02.11 & H-02.12 A Journey Through America Instructor’s Manual.)

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] Anticipating what’s in H-02.10 About the U.S.A, look over its cover, brief front matter, and  Table of Contents.  Note that Subject Matter is divided into nine “Units,” each further separated into three to nine four-page “Modules” of material.  If you are particularly interested in a topic, jump ahead to its pages. Otherwise, start at the beginning.   

[2] Unit 1: Symbols & Holidays (pages 1-12) starts with familiar topics:  iconic American Symbols in Module 1A—plus Thanksgiving & Independence Day in 1B. Module 1C gets into More National Holidays.  Unit 2: Americans, Module 2A on pages 13-16 offers vocabulary, readings, and exercises about “Famous U.S. Presidents”; Module 2B on pages 17-20, “The History of Immigration”; Module 2C on pages 21-24, “Historical Figures”; and Module 2D on pages 25-28, “Some Immigration Stories”—four reconstituted tales designed for cooperative learning.  

[3] In regard to “U.S. Geography,” Unit 3, Modules 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D on pages 28-43 (re-)present Geographical Features, Famous Places, States & Cities: the West / the East.  Included is a “tour” of the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. and some facts about the States.  U.S. History is the general subject of Unit 4 on pages 44-78.  It is divided into eight (8) four-page Modules:   4A: Overview; 4B: Exploration & Colonization; 4C: Revolution; 4D: Growth & Westward Movement; 4E: the Time of the Civil War; 4F: Industrialization; 4G: The U.S. Becomes a World Power; 4H: Modern Times; 4I: Local History (of various U.S. regions).      

[4] With Module 5A: Overview plus 5B: Basic Rights & Freedoms, Unit 6: the U.S. Constitution (pages 79-85) directs attention to the  workings of the United States.  It’s followed by Unit 6: The Federal Government (6A: Overview; 6B: the Legislative Branch; 6C: The Executive Branch; 6D: the Judicial Branch); Unit 7: State Government (7A: Branches of Government & Officials; 7B: Functions, Powers, & Services); and Unit 8: Local Government (8A: County & City Services; 8B: County Government; 8C: City Government.  The 126-page Student Book ends with Unit 9: Citizenship (9a: The Duties of Citizenship; 9B: Voting; 9C: Election Issues).

All in all, H-02.10: About the U.S.A. encompasses “only the essentials” of H-02.07 a & b:  English Through Citizenship: Intermediate Levels A & B Student TextsFor more comprehensive, creative “coverage” of Americana / U.S. Citizenship topics plus teaching / learning tools, move on to H-02.11: A Journey Through America; H-02.12: the Journey Instructor’s Manual (I.M); H-02.13: English Through Citizenship: the Game (print materials only); and/or H-02.14a, b, c: Journey Through America Games of Knowledge & More (colorful, revised, updated, digital materials).