H-02.11 A Journey Through America, Student: Government, History, Citizenship  “Americana +  Social Studies.”

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H-02.11 A Journey Through America, Student: Government, History, Citizenship “Americana + Social Studies.”


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144 Pages of Illustrated Text to Use Instead of H-02.07a & b: English Through Citizenship Intermediate Levels A & B Student TextsPlus As Preparation for English Through Citizenship / Journey Games of Knowledge

 Note: Created by Authors & Editors / WorkLife English, H-02.11: A Journey Through America contains the same material as English Through Citizenship, Intermediate Level A & B.  Some Modules for Non-Citizens or About a Sample State & City Are in H-02.12, the Journey Through America Instructor’s Manual (I.M).  

Who It’s For: (Teachers & Helpers of) English-Language Students & New Readers Wanting a Carefully Condensed / Adapted Book of “Americana”—Symbols & Holidays; Americans; Geography; Citizenship; U.S. Constitution; (Federal, State, & Local) Government; U.S. History—at Intermediate Reading, Social-Studies Content, &  Learning Levels. 

Why You Need It: H-02.11 is an aggregate of materials corresponding to H-02.07 a & b English Through Citizenship, Intermediate-Levels A & B Student Books Published by Authors & Editors, it consists of 36 four-page Modules in 10 Units that contribute to U.S. Civics / Citizenship education.  Its ancillaries include H-02.12 A Journey Through America Instructor’s Manual (I.M.)with General Instructions for Use, Citizenship-Test Questions, Tests, Answer Keys, Additional Modules for Non-Citizens &  “About Your State & City”—plus H-02.13: English Through Citizenship: the Game (print materials only); and/or H-02.13a, b, c: Journey Through America Games of Knowledge & More.     

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] Preparing for what’s in H-02.11 A Journey Through America, look over its front matter &Table of Contents.  Note that its Subject Matter is divided into ten (10) “Units,” each further separated into two to eight four-page “Modules” of material.  If you are particularly interested in a topic, jump ahead to its section(s). Otherwise, start at the beginning.   

[2] Unit 1: Getting Acquainted (pages 1-8) contains Module 1A: Name & Address & Module 1B: Biographic & Other Information.  These may be useful in getting to know one another, filling out forms, applying (for citizenship?), and/or other preliminaries.  Suggestions from H-02.12:  A Journey Through America Instructor’s Manual are General Instructions for Use, which you might combine with your own (proven or experimental) procedures. 

[3] Unit 2: Symbols & Holidays (pages 9-20) involves American Symbols in Module 1A,  Thanksgiving & Independence Day in 1B, More National Holidays in 1C.   Unit 3: Americans (pages 21-36) contains Modules 3A-3D—on Famous Presidents, the History of Immigration, Historical Figures, Some Immigration Stories.  As do most Modules, these contain sections  especially designed and productive for (listening & speaking) cooperative learning.  In regard to “U.S. Geography,” Unit 4, Modules 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, on pages 37-52 (re-)present Geographical Features, Famous Places, States & Cities: the West / the East.  Included is a “tour” of the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. 

[4] On pages 53 to 68, Citizenship is the general topic of Unit 5, made up of 5A: Becoming a Citizen; 5B: The Duties of Citizens; 5C: Voting; 5D: Election Issues.  With Module 6A: Overview plus 6B: Basic Rights & Freedoms, Unit 6: the U.S. Constitution (pages 69-76) directs attention to the  workings of the United States.  It’s followed by Unit 7: The Federal Government (7A: Overview; 7B: the Legislative Branch; 7C: The Executive Branch; 7D: the Judicial Branch); Unit 8: State Government (8A: Branches of Government & Officials; 8B: Functions, Powers, & Services); & Unit 9: Local Government (9A: County & City Services; 9B: County Government; 9C: City Government).  These fill pages 69 to 112. 

[5] U.S. History is the general subject of Unit 10 on pages 113-144.  It’s divided into eight (8) four-page Modules:   10A: Overview; 10B: Exploration & Colonization; 10C: Revolution; 10D: Growth & Westward Movement; 10E: the Time of the Civil War; 10F: Industrialization; 10G: The U.S. Becomes a World Power; 10H: Modern Times.       

[6] In summary, H-02.11: A Journey Through America incorporates the fundamentals that (Non-) U.S. Citizens ought to know with basic subject matter from “sheltered” Social-Studies courses.  It’s accompanied by H-02.12: the Journey Instructor’s Manual (I.M), which includes 100 Citizenship Test Questions; 36 Tests & Answer Keys; two Additional Modules for Non-Citizens; seven added four-page segments About Your State & City.  There’s also H-02.13: English Through Citizenship: the Game (print materials only).  In development are H-02.14a, b, c: Journey Through America Games of Knowledge & More (colorful, revised, updated, digital materials).