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H-04a Holiday Happenings: Halloween (Also: All Saints Day & the Days of the Dead) (Print Version + Shipping)

H-04a Holiday Happenings: Halloween (Also: All Saints Day & the Days of the Dead) (Print Version + Shipping)

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This Comprehensive Guide is a resource that equips educators and learners with comprehensive strategies for integrating special-occasion themes into language skill development. This guide offers a wealth of practical tools, methods, and resources for enhancing language learning experiences through holiday-related content.

Key Components:

  • Step-by-step guidance on using "Reading Kits with Exercises" and interactive games.
  • Vocabulary-building strategies, including Word Puzzles and Picture Games.
  • Advanced listening and speaking techniques through storytelling and interactive activities.
  • Classroom-ready materials such as articles, exercises, quizzes, and visuals.
  • Instructions for the use of Halloween-themed 52-Card Decks.


108 pages

Who They're For:

  • 6-8 Students
  • Instructors and Tutors of Secondary Students
  • Young Adults and Adults
  • Independent learners and Home School students
  • ESL, EFL, Literacy, WIOA, Career and College programs, and Corrections Institutions
  • New Readers; Beginning through Intermediate Language Learners

What It Is:  

A 108-page comprehensive source of "Everything to Know (Now) about Teaching & Learning Language Skills with Special-Occasion Materials" 

Why You Need It: 

Midway through Fall of every academic year, both teachers and learners feel "ready for a break," especially as the real holiday season approaches. On the other hand, there's always so much material to cover--and so much to do to achieve language-learning goals--that responsible educators and students feel reluctant to "waste time just having fun."

It's the generic concepts in this annoyingly long special-occasion How-to Teaching Resource that can fix the dilemma. With real information based on examples of an early but unofficial "holiday," Halloween & Related Occasions, it will help instructors to:    

  • establish a precedent of seamlessly inserting "fun" material into proven learner-centered formats that support skills-based language education
  • present Anglo-based history, customs, & literature with supplied reading material, motivating further research  

What It Does: 

teaches teachers & independent learners to: 

  • present or learn subject matter through multi-level "Reading Kits with Exercises," following up with Information-Quizzes, Short-Essay Answers, the oral skills "Expert Game," and/or even the "Game of Knowledge" 
  • build vocabulary through traditional strategies like Vocabulary-from-Context (Charts)and Fill-Ins but also 6 kinds of challenging Word Puzzles and 6 kinds of Picture Games (including One-Two-Three, Tic-Tac-Toe, Bingo/Lotto, and competitive Card Play 
  • advance listening/speaking skills  through oral story telling; with Sentence Strips &Information-Gap activities; Sequenced Action Series; and other speech + discussion 

supplies classroom-ready reproducibles:  non-fiction articles, exercises, quizzes, Answer Keys, game boards, stories, visuals 

gives instructions for use of two pre-prepared 52-Card Decks: [1] Halloween Symbols & Culture and [2] Vocabulary Building, either or both available with the book or separately 

offers more than you'll probably ever use for the occasion of Halloween, but demonstrates how many different effective ways there are to present, practice, and assess mastery of any kind of subject matter                                  

represents the fully developed, frighteningly long, super-sized version of a resource that grew from an earlier book with 1/4 the material.

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