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C-05 Using Homophones (3 Activities & Ideas Books / Beginning Decks 1-6, Intermediate 7-11, Advanced 12-15 (Print Version + Shipping)

C-05 Using Homophones (3 Activities & Ideas Books / Beginning Decks 1-6, Intermediate 7-11, Advanced 12-15 (Print Version + Shipping)

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This meticulously crafted resource offers a diverse range of homophone pairs, catering to learners of various levels. Packed with engaging content, these decks provide a structured and effective way to explore the complexities of English pronunciation, spelling, and vocabulary.

Key Components:

  • Card decks for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced level.
  • Two-Sided Cards featuring vocabulary items, pictures, definitions, and usage examples.
  • 3 Activities & Ideas Books provides insights, explanations, and activities for effective teaching and learning.
  • Comprehensive lists of homophones for quick reference and expansion.


220 pages

Who They're For:

  • Grades 3-8
  • Secondary students
  • Young adults
  • Adults

What They Are: 

Beginning Homophone Decks 1-6 contain 54 pairs of matching homophones; Intermediate Decks 7-11, 90 pairs; Advanced Decks 12-15, 104 pairs. All cards are two-sided, with the vocabulary items themselves on their faces and Pictures + Definitions on the backs of 288 cards--and Usage Examples + Definitions on the other 216. There are three Activities & Ideas Books. At various levels of perceived difficulty,  these tell all that's necessary to teach/learn pairs and groups of words that sound the same but that have different spellings and meanings

Why You Need Them

Homophones exist because there's more than one correct spelling for many English sounds. Therefore, two, three, or even four different sequences of letters can have exactly the same pronunciation. These confuse not only English learners but also and educated speakers of the language. They're worthy of attention and instruction in lessons that address pronunciation, oral reading, spelling, and vocabulary. 

What They Do: 

serve as flash cards for the recognition and production of 504 relatively useful English vocabulary words, all of which are homophones of items with differently meanings that are said the same but spelled and used differently

display two of these three features on each card back: an illustration, an example in context, and/or the word's part of speech & definitions. These make the two-sided cards useful as separate, rearrangeable "dictionary entries" for independent and group learning. 

provide material for a cooperative/competitive learning activities or games, such as "Concentration," "Snapping Up Homophones," and "Sentence Pairs"

offer supplementary material in 3 accompanying Activities & Ideas Books, which 

  • tell why homophones exist in English, giving charts of the spellings that produce them
  • explain how the cards work, inspiring ideas on how to make efficient, effective, and creative use of them
  • give other ways to teach and/or learn these interesting vocabulary pairs and groupings
  • offer reproducible Mastery Checks of more than four varieties, including fill-ins, error correction, making choices, paraphrases, and a story. There are Answer Keys. 
  • include Reference Lists of all relevant items, spurring learners on to add to them.

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