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H. Holiday Happenings = Halloween = Two Decks of Picture Cards

H. Holiday Happenings = Halloween = Two Decks of Picture Cards

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This resource offers two sets of 52 cards each, designed to enhance language skills in an engaging and entertaining way. The decks are tailored around Halloween and related themes, making them an ideal tool for learning specialized vocabulary and expanding language proficiency.

Key Components:

  • Symbols & Culture Deck with 52 vocabulary items in 13 meaning categories.
  • Vocabulary Building Deck with visuals, pronunciation guides, definitions, and contextual usage examples.
  • Instruction Cards to guide you through different interactive language activities.


14 pages

Who They're For:

  • 6-8 Students
  • Instructors and Tutors of Secondary Students
  • Young Adults and Adults
  • Independent learners and Home School students
  • ESL, EFL, Literacy, WIOA, Career and College programs, and Corrections Institutions
  • New Readers; Beginning through Intermediate Language Learners

What They Are: 

Two 52-Card Decks based on Halloween & Related Occasions. [1] "Symbols & Culture" has 52 vocabulary items in 13 meaning categories of four-of-a-kind. [2] "Vocabulary Building" contains visuals, pronunciation, definitions, and examples of usage in context for 13 words. Included with each deck are two cards with instructions and a 

Why You Need Them: 

Mostly just for fun. Both decks are useful for small-group collaborative or competitive games. They may also serve as how-to templates for Holiday Card Decks you design and create yourself. 

What They Do: 

provide a light-hearted break from routine and serious study, even from holiday-based language-skills lessons        

teach or reinforce vocabulary that's specialized but still representative of items of interest to language-learners expanding their lexicon

remind learners that materials & activities used for language improvement can and should be not only efficient and effective, but also enjoyable.
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