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Work/Life English

H. Holiday Happenings: Thanksgiving Teacher Resource Booklet

H. Holiday Happenings: Thanksgiving Teacher Resource Booklet

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Full of color and reproducible, this half-sized source book is a holiday teaching tool that doesn’t waste valuable learning time. It offers two levels of reading selections on the history and culture of the North American Thanksgiving—with exercises that improve learners’ abilities to summarize, as well as to understand a bit of American Culture.

There are handouts and/or instructions for activities focusing on:

  • Getting the Point, 

  • Distinguishing Fact from Myth,

  • Using Parts of Speech,

  • Guessing Meaning from Context,

  • Letter-Writing, and

  • other language skills

all in the context of Thanksgiving.

Other features include Information Gap Pair-work (recipes), Comparison & Contrast Pair-work (pictures) Sequenced Action Series, and Holiday Humor.



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