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C-05.1 Do a Textbook Lesson on Homophones

C-05.1 Do a Textbook Lesson on Homophones

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Lesson Four of Practical Everyday Spelling Workbook = Homophones (+ Answers)

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Who It’s For: Language Learners & New Readers Acquiring Vocabulary Systematically. Teachers & Helpers.      

Why You Need It: Learning potentially confusing words together can speed up vocabulary building. Probably, the largest collection of such items is homophones—pairs or triads of words pronounced the same that have different meanings and spellings.   

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Hear the pronunciation of sets of homophone pairs organized according to their vowel sounds. Notice their spellings and meanings.                             

[2] Put items that are often confused into their correct contexts by filling in blanks or boxes, arranging letters, matching words with definitions, correcting errors, and so on.

[3] Hear and spell words that have more than one correct pronunciation.

[4] Compare your responses to those in the corresponding Answer Key section.

[5] Apply the patterns and principles in this lesson to the learning and use of other word pairings/groupings

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