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C-05.5 Homophones: Get and Use Intermediate 44-Page Activity & Idea Book

C-05.5 Homophones: Get and Use Intermediate 44-Page Activity & Idea Book

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C-5.5 Get Reasons & Instructions for Using Homophones: Intermediate 

44-Page Using Homophones Intermediate Activity & Idea Book

$5 (44 Half-Sized Pages)                                               

Who It’s For: Teachers & Independent Learners of Pairs of Words Frequently Used at “Intermediate” Levels of Language Development        

Why You Need It: With or without the materials they supplement, instruction books can help in both understanding of and instruction in language content. In this case, the book provides generic suggestions for use of two-sided cards with paired homophone vocabulary on their faces and illustrated definitions on the reverse sides.

What You’ll Do: 

[1] Review what homophones are—and why they exist in English (what alternative sound vs. spelling correlations produce them). Look over lists of  targeted “intermediate-level” vocabulary: it includes “silent letters” as well as contractions and words with endings.                              

[2] Use Decks 7-11—or comparable home-made or purchased materials—for mostly cooperative card activities with educational benefits.     

[3] Copy and distribute Quizzes 7-11; have test-takers fill blanks with appropriate homophones. If helpful, give them guidance in completing Homophone Charts I-IV with words, parts of speech, definitions, and examples.

[4] Before reading it aloud, enjoy circling the correct homophone choices in the story “The Wind.” For all exercises, make good use of the corresponding Answer Key and Word Lists.  

[5] Improve on these suggestions. Keep going.


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