I. Doing Without the Photocopier <br/> 26 Ways to Enhance Language Education That (Almost) Always Work (Digital Version)


I. Doing Without the Photocopier
26 Ways to Enhance Language Education That (Almost) Always Work (Digital Version)

How-to Teaching Resource

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Authors: Elaine Kirn-Rubin & Arthur E. Rubin

Suitable for: K-8, Secondary, Young Adult, Adult; Basic to High-Intermediate Language Learners 

What It Is:  A 78-page collection of "26 Creative Generic Ideas for Reusable Language Materials & Activities"  

Why You Need It: Most people want more from their language improvement experience than what official curriculum or assigned textbooks require. No one likes to bore themselves or others--or impede progress--with the "same old, same old." Teachers may want to       

  • supplement the ordinary, the humdrum, or the expected,  
  • reinforce what's important to learn by providing additional input and practice   
  • offer the variety and motivation of a welcome change of pace, and 
  • give more opportunity for student-centered activity with co-operative learning as well as individualization. 

Learners will be more satisfied if they can 

  • stay alert, motivated, and engaged throughout each session, 
  • learn with a minimum of anxiety while gaining confidence in their abilities, 
  • interact in ways that give positive reinforcement, increasing the likelihood of success 
  • enjoy themselves and the whole learning experience

    What It Does: 

    Organizes language instruction and skills development into eight major areas of endeavor:

    •  Spelling & Pronunciation   •  Grammar & Phrasing  •  Listening & Speaking    •  Reading    •  Writing    • Vocabulary    • Content  (Subject Matter)    • Culture

    Of course, no matter what their focus, all Ideas A-Z work well with an integrated skills approach.  

    Covers three or four generic concepts in each of these 8 categories with specific content and visuals that appear as examples only. Each Idea includes:  

    •  a list of Materials to gather   •  step-by-step Instructions on what to do and how to do it    •  Teaching Tips that are notes on pedagogical or logistical details    •  Suggestions for Adaptation of procedures to lower and higher levels of learning proficiency    •  Possible Variations on the main set of materials or activities    •  Other Areas of Application (alternative subject matter particularly suited to that Idea. 

    Delivers complete write-ups of everything you need to know to actualize the 26 intriguing Ideas with these titles: 

    Phonics Bingo, Phonics Pictures, Dyad Spelling, Spelling Grids; Grammar Pictures, Grammar Paraphrases, Grammar Lab; Information Bingo, Realia Roleplay, Dyad Narratives, Cooperative Jigsaw Puzzles; Reading Kit, Information Scavenger Hunt, Reading Authentic Material; Picture Captions, Chain Writing (with Visuals, with Forms); Vocabulary Concentration, Word Matching, Vocabulary Picture Chain, Word Play; The Expert Game (Small-Group, Whole-Class), Quiz Board Games; The Game of Wisdom, Greeting Card Culture.

    Inspires educators and independent learners to try, evaluate, adapt, and benefit from new and traditional (experimental and proven) materials and methods of increasing pedagogical effectiveness and efficiency.

    Encourages do-it-yourself initiative, helping materials and activity designers to create, organize, improve, and preserve their own unique teaching/learning repertoires, which will serve them throughout their careers and lives.

    Saves money (on product purchases or photocopying expenses), time (on lesson planning and preparation), and energy (in trying to remember what worked or didn't work in the past).


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    3 Page TOC and 4 Page OVERVIEW AND SAMPLE