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I-02 Still Doing Without the Photocopier: From AA to ZZ - 26 More Creative Ideas for Reuseable Language Games & Activities (Print Version + Shipping)

I-02 Still Doing Without the Photocopier: From AA to ZZ - 26 More Creative Ideas for Reuseable Language Games & Activities (Print Version + Shipping)

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This comprehensive resource comprises 26 innovative ideas that propel language instruction into modern times. These ideas offer educators and learners opportunities to adapt and evolve their teaching and learning approaches for enhanced outcomes.

Key Components:

  • Six major areas of language focus covered: Spelling & Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Grammar & Phrasing, Oral Language, Written Language, and Integrated Language Skills.
  • Each of the 26 ideas includes specific content, visual examples, materials lists, step-by-step instructions, teaching tips, adaptation suggestions, variations, and alternative applications.
  • A diverse range of thought-provoking ideas, such as Mystery Phrases, Video Grammar-Writing, Quick—What’s the Question?, Main-Idea Questions, Biography, and more.


143 pages

Who They're For:

  • Secondary Students
  • Young Adults
  • Adults
  • Beginning to Advanced Language Learners

What It Is: 

 A 130-page collection of "26 More Generic Ideas for Reusable Language Materials & Activities"  

Why You Need It: 

Even when "comfortable" with their teaching/learning repertoires, people may want to adapt or augment them for modern times, changing circumstances, shifting abilities, or personal satisfaction. This "evolved" resource offers more suggestions to stimulate productive change.     

What It Does:

Divides what's most important to consider (now) about effective, efficient language and skills development into 6 major areas of focus:    •  Spelling & Pronunciation       •  Vocabulary      •   Grammar & Phrasing    •  Oral Language    •  Written Language    •  Integrated Language Skills 

Covers four or five sets of generic concepts in each of the above 6 categories. Each Idea Aa through Zz includes:   • specific content and visuals that serve as examples   •  materials to create or gather, with captioned pictures of what they might look like   •  step-by-step illustrated Instructions  on what to do and how to do it--often with lists of alternatives to choose from or add to   •  inserted Teaching Tips on pedagogy or logistics  •  identification of proficiency levels of "target audiences," with Suggestions for Adaptation--up or down    •  Variations & Other Areas of Application (alternative subject matter possibly suited to that Idea   

Organizes potentially beneficial materials-design intentions, activity steps, and instructional strategies into larger assortments of related information, some comprehensive enough for a teacher-training workshop or small resource manual. Such suggestions are designed not only for more cognitive learners  but also for more experienced teachers, who may have dabbled with such ideas on their own but who can benefit from a summing up of others' experiences. 

Delivers complete write-ups of everything you need to know to actualize the 26 sets of intriguing Ideas with these titles: 

Flash Points, Lots of Lotto, Alphabet Answers, Letter Links; Mystery Phrases, Card Decks & Games, Vocabulary Chains & Dominoes, Dictionary Dealings, Put It in Context; Video Grammar-Writing, Classifying Clutter, Odds & Ends, Quick—What’s the Question? Focus on Sentence Focus, Open-Ended Openers, Spontaneous Speech & Speeches, Brainstorming; Main-Idea Questions, Instant Reading KitsReal Reading Types, No News Is Good News; Biography, Now Hear--& Read--This! I've Got News for You, Commercial Success, Take This Job and . . . . 

Maintains motivation of educators and independent learners to continue to grow in their attempts to preserve the past while keeping up with changing times: the aims of education, new technology, global economics, and whatever else is happening or will come next. It's hoped that the resource will help people optimize their use of time, money, and energy in their careers and lives. 

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