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C-04.05 Learn & Teach Compound Words & Phrases

C-04.05 Learn & Teach Compound Words & Phrases

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Pedagogy & Instruction in Teaching & Learning of Compound Words & Phrases

IDEA U of Phonics & Spelling: Everything To Know Now

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Who They’re For: Teachers, Language Learners, & Readers Who Want Challenge in Word Combining     

Why You Need Them: At any point in vocabulary acquisition, instructors and students are likely to appreciate the background, instructions (suggested steps to follow),  and immediately useable samples that can serve as templates. Reference Lists are an integral part of materials creation and adaptation. 

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  Understand the features of solid, open, &  hyphenated compound words & phrases.  

[2]  Try out, adapt, and augment 4 techniques for  teaching/learning compounds that are both effective and fun.                             

[3] Prepare and use three 24-card sets displaying words + illustrations: [1] first components, [2] last components, + [3] full compounds. Definitions are on reverse sides).

[4] Do a game-like exercise in combining elements of 45 compounds in chains. Add “challenge steps” to the competition.

[5] Following instructions and/or trying out your own ideas, take optimal advantage of extensive Closed-, Hyphenated, & Open-Compound Reference Lists. As you build vocabulary, add to the lists.


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