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J-01c The Game of Knowledge: Agreeable Aging - Quiz Handouts

J-01c The Game of Knowledge: Agreeable Aging - Quiz Handouts

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This booklet provides True/False and Multiple-Choice quiz handouts with answers, covering all six categories of subject matter related to the science and art of aging well. Gain insight into how to teach and learn with quiz sheets, maximizing the potential of quiz items for instruction.

Key Components:

  • 68 pages of printable and reproducible quiz handouts.
  • Includes True/False and Multiple-Choice quizzes for each of the six categories: A. Definitions of Terms, B. Myth Vs. Fact, C. The Mind & Senses, D. Illness & Disability, E. Aging in Society, and F. Success in Aging.
  • Provides answers and corrections for the False statements in the True/False quizzes.
  • Offers comprehensive coverage of essential concepts integral to the study of gerontology.
  • Useful as a guiding template for designing your own teaching materials or as a source of engaging quiz content.


68 pages

Who They're For:

Regular Folks & (Academic / Practical) (Self-)Teachers & Learners Wanting a Framework of Questions & Answers for the Science & Art of Human Aging (As Examples of Tools for Getting Into and/or Delivering Course Content).

Why You Need It: 

Rather than the hands-on aspects of the Game of Knowledge: Agreeable Aging (the three Boards & the six 54-Card Decks), it’s the content of the six (6) Categories of Subject-Matter—A. Definitions of Terms, B. Myth Vs. Fact, C. The Mind & Senses, D. Illness & Disability, E. Aging in Society, F. Success in Aging—that forms its substance.  Here’s all that information listed in two forms—as True/False items (with Answers + corrections for False statements) and as Multiple-Choice Questions to choose Answers to.  Whether you’re using these as a “guiding template” for materials / activity design on (un)related themes—or it’s the data itself that gets you going, this comprehensive collection of Quiz Handouts will prove a useful resource.

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] Begin your preview or survey with the Cover of Agreeable Aging: Printable / Reproducible Quiz Handouts.  Continue grasping the format of the six (6) True/False Quizzes on pages 5-16, the six (6) Multiple-Choice Quizzes on pages 18-57 and their Answer Keys on pages 58-65.  Appreciate the nostalgic, real-life photos from the authors’ experience on pages 65 & 67.  

[2] Get the main ideas of “Teaching & Learning with Quiz Sheets” and “How to Make Maximum Use of Quiz Items” on pages 3-4 & 66.  Then either use the material as is for instruction in (courses focused on) the Science & Art of Aging—and/or utilize what they illustrate about feasible materials design for work / play in other areas of inquiry.  

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