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This comprehensive 40-page source offers innovative and motivational methods to teach and learn the fundamentals of the science of aging. Tailored for educators, learners, and any adults seeking knowledge, this resource is a must-have for those interested in unlocking the secrets of aging.

Key Components:

  • Offers creative and motivating teaching strategies for the science of aging.
  • Supports both teachers and learners in engaging with the subject matter.
  • Enhances learning environments with variety, motivation, energy, cooperation, and competition.
  • Provides classroom-ready materials that can be easily reproduced for immediate use.
  • Promotes critical thinking, discussions, and exploration of terminology related to aging.
  • Covers various aspects of aging, from definitions and myths to the mind, society, disabilities, and success in aging.


40 pages

Who They're For:

  • K-8, Secondary, Young Adult, Adult
  • Pre-Literate to New Readers
  • Basic to Beginning Language Learners

What It Is:  

A 40-page source of creative motivating ways to Teach & Learn the Basics of the Science of Aging for teachers, learners, and any adults (Not) getting older.

Why You Need It: 

The unprecedented growth of the older population has created a demand for well-trained Caregivers with knowledge, understanding, and skills in the field of Aging. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, has estimated demand for caregivers will have grown by 36% (Much faster than average) by 2028.

WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act) provides access to the training and education needed by low literacy native English speakers, as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) learners to participate in this dramatically expanding employment opportunity.

The Game of Knowledge: Agreeable Aging provides several rewarding and fun games for teaching the Science of Aging  that students respond to and learn from.

What It Does: 

Provides, explains, and describes, 

  • A. Definition of Terms.
  • B. Myth Vs. Fact.
  • C. The Mind & Senses
  • D. Illness & Disabilities.
  • E. Aging in Society.
  • F. Success in Aging
  • Starts with basics; progresses to techniques that work with most learning styles
  • Adds variety, motivation, energy, cooperation, and competition to subject matter and language classrooms, tutoring situations, learning groups, and/or individual study
  • Includes reproducible classroom-ready materials
  • By debunking common myths about aging, the games challenge players to think, discuss, and find out a lot more about the subject, the terminology, and the English language.

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