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B-08c Intermediate Phonics & Spelling Puzzles

B-08c Intermediate Phonics & Spelling Puzzles

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This resource presents a comprehensive exploration of consonant and vowel sounds, syllables, and word parts such as prefixes, suffixes, roots, and compounds. The carefully crafted puzzles, ranging from word finds to rebus crosswords, challenge learners to interpret visuals and Switched letters. Additionally, it provides Word Lists, reference pages, and ideas for further research, creating a well-rounded and rewarding learning experience.

Key Components:

  • Eight (8) pages of "Everything to Know Now" pedagogy, covering consonant and vowel sounds and letters as they apply to pronunciation, reading, and spelling.
  • 48 word puzzles, ranging from satisfying to challenging, accompanied by Side Bars summarizing key learning points and "Challenge activities."
  • Nine (9) pages of visual Puzzle Solutions, four (4) Word Lists, and extra reference pages for Word Parts and Compounds.
  • Two Path-Game Boards for an interactive and engaging learning experience.
  • Side Bars summarizing relevant learning points and "Challenge activities" to further enhance knowledge retention.


88 pages

Who They're For:

  • Children aged 6 to 8, seeking an interactive and enjoyable way to learn phonics and vocabulary.
  • Secondary students looking to reinforce their reading and pronunciation skills while expanding their vocabulary.
  • Young adults and adult learners who want to enhance their English language proficiency.
  • Language instructors searching for creative and effective teaching materials to engage their students.

What They Are: 

Eight (8) pages of "Everything to Know Now" pedagogy on Consonant & Vowel Sounds & Letters as they apply to pronunciation, reading, and regular vs. irregular spellings of useful vocabulary in one- and mutli-syllable words, as well as in word parts (prefixes, suffixes, roots, elements of compounds); 48 word puzzles ranging from satisfying to challenging--all with Side Bars summarizing relevant learning points + "Challenge activities"; 9 pages of visual Puzzle Solutions + 4 Word Lists + extra reference pages for Word Parts Compounds; and 2 Path-Game Boards                                                   

Why You Need Them: 

Decoders of words and vocabulary-learners at Intermediate Levels of proficiency soon want to "know it all," and if they can do so through the "call to action" presentations of Word Puzzles, all the better! These 88 amazingly organized and efficient pages can either supplement or replace the tedious exercises and wasteful white space of "traditional" phonics-based spellers or programs. Eliminate the risk of killing interest, enthusiasm, or focus!

What They'll Do:

Present not only the main principles but also the details of regular through unusual sound-letter correlations of American English, their role in syllables, and the systematic "word-building" of putting together affixes with roots and components of compounds: all this first in compact "mini-lessons" and then in relevant reminders accessible on every puzzle page 

Support people's "natural impulse to find solutions" by having them interpret visuals, identify meaning, figure out spellings from cues and clues, discover patterns, manipulate letters or words, and otherwise "make it all come out right"--all while savoring their "ah-hah" realizations and progressing in their reading, pronunciation, and writing abilities

Reinforce and go beyond previous mastery in these areas of interest:                

  • Consonant Sounds & Letters (Initial, Final, in Combination   • Vowel Sounds & Letters (Simple, Complex, All)     •  Syllables (Closed, Open, in Multi-Syllable Words     •  Word Parts (Prefixes & Suffixes, Word Roots, Compounds)        

Provide challenge and sustain interest through the surprising, ever-changing variety of these puzzle types:

  • Word Find    Criss-Cross    •  Linked Words    •  Letter Choices   •  Word Maze     •  Switched Letters     •  So What's Different?       •  Meaning Categories       • Letter Connect   •  Letter Jumble        •  Letter Blocks      •  Rebus Crossword                
accelerate learning with Word Listsdownloaded reference pages and suggestions for further research, and ideas for "what else to do to stay on a roll" of enjoyable, stimulating vocabulary acquisition.
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