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B-03b Intermediate Rhyming Words Activities & Ideas Book + Intermediate Rhyming Words 52-Card Decks E, F, G, H

B-03b Intermediate Rhyming Words Activities & Ideas Book + Intermediate Rhyming Words 52-Card Decks E, F, G, H

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Students seeking to strengthen their reading and language skills, particularly those who enjoy exploring word families, will find these cards invaluable. It offers an enjoyable and educational way to explore rhyming word families beyond the basics. The accompanying Activities & Ideas Book enhances the learning experience with creative teaching methods and supporting information.

Key Components:

  • Four Decks (E-H) of Picture/Word Cards (52 cards each)
  • A 56-page Activities & Ideas Book


109 pages

Who They're For:

  • Students from 5-8th grade
  • Secondary school students
  • Young adults
  • Adult learners

What They Are: 

Four more Decks E-H of Picture/Word Cards arranged into 52 "Quartets" (sets of four-of-a-kind vocabulary words that rhyme) + a 56-page Activities & Ideas Book that reviews reasons for teaching rhyming words; gives more creative, adaptable instructions on how to do so; and includes plenty of how-to supporting information  

Why You Need Them: 

Students working on their reading and language skills, especially those that like considering "word families," will appreciate having materials that go beyond the most elemental rhymes. Here are four more classic-design 52-Card Decks to be used separatelyin combination with or after lower-level cards; or combined with or before higher-level ones. 

What They Do: 

further users' interest & ability in using rhyming items to strengthen their phonics, word-level reading, pronunciation, spelling, and vocabulary skills 

present 13 more sets of American-English rhymes--in (mostly) one-syllable words with the same regular (most common + alternative) vowel spellings but some differences in word endings. These four decks may require more attention than previous ones to distinguish among 13 matching sets: 

  • Deck E contains 52 words of 3, 4, or 5 letters that all end in -mor -nor a cluster with one of those letters. Their 12 distinct vowel sounds include one that's "r-colored." 
  • Deck F 's 52 items all end in (a blend containing ) -l or -r. They include not only the most conventional vowel spellings but also some unusual ones. 
  • Deck G helps learners to distinguish among rimes that end in /d/, including many in simple-past verbs. 
  • Deck H's words all end in (sound combinations that include) / s z ch j th /. Many of these are relatively uncommon consonant clusters such as -nce, -rge, -ste, -ngs, -nge                                                                              

What They Can Help You Do: 

  • have self-teaching material on hand for breaks in routine that don't waste time because they deliver educational benefits, making them "worth the effort "
  • engage competitors in helping themselves and others by enabling them to really "play cards"--as in classic (children’s) games and other popular pastimes that involve matching
  • prepare for, reinforce, review, and aid retention through additional activities that require (almost) no preparation, like Fill-In Spelling, Paired "Quizzes," "Twenty Questions," "Hink-Pinks, "and "Beyond the Deck Brainstorming.  
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