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C-03.06 Solve 7 More Simple Puzzles in Each of 4 Other Everyday Content Areas

C-03.06 Solve 7 More Simple Puzzles in Each of 4 Other Everyday Content Areas

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28 More Reproducible Vocabulary-Puzzle Worksheets with Corresponding Answer Key Pages

Second Half of Picture This Too! A Vocabulary Puzzle Book

 $5 (30 Pages)                                             

Who They’re For: High Beginning English Learners and Developing Readers in Elementary or Middle School.  Teachers & Helpers.    

Why You Need Them: Once they get the procedures, purposes, and benefits of doing various kinds of letter-and-word puzzles, language students enjoy and become proficient at solving them. Practicing word-level reading and spelling while completing these 21 pages from the second half of Picture This, Too! A Vocabulary Puzzle Book will be familiar, not too easy or too hard, fun, and productive.       

What You’ll Do: 

[1] For each of 4 more common, practical content Categories (Things to Wear, Body Parts, Animals, Things That Go), fill in spaces containing words according to “Color Codes” to make pictures appear. Do the same in spaces with letters to unscramble the names of “Hidden Pictures.” Draw lines through paths to cross letters that spell “Maze Words.”   

[2] For more vocabulary in the same content areas, complete four more kinds of familiar puzzles (Word Search, Crossword, Rebus, Scrambled Words). Circle, print, and arrange letters that spell more vocabulary words.                                    

[3] Compare your solutions with those shown in the Answer Key.  

[4] Use your new vocabulary in talking or writing about the targeted subject areas. Learn other useful words in the same categories of meaning.



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