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C-01.02 Spell by the Rules

C-01.02 Spell by the Rules

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Instruction & Practice in Applying Time-Tested Spelling Principles

(Idea S of Phonics & Spelling: Everything to Know Now about Teaching &

Learning American-English Phonics & Spelling)

12 Pages

Who It’s For: Teachers, Helpers, Language Learners, & Readers Wanting Better Spelling

Why You Need It: To write new vocabulary, English users ought to follow spelling rules that go beyond regular phonics patterns. These pages explain and illustrate six (6) consistently useful principles.

What You’ll Do:

[1] Understand & follow procedures for doubling consonants; dropping,

adding, and sequencing letters; and changing vowels.

[2] Match rules to examples. Correct misspellings. Insert missing letters.

[3] Complete word puzzles based on spelling guidelines.

[4] Follow spelling rules when competing in games.

[5] Make productive use of extensive spelling-rule reference lists.

[6] Go “beyond the text” in figuring out how to spell new vocabulary.

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