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C-05.10 Use Synonyms & Opposites: Saying the Same Thing in Different Ways

C-05.10 Use Synonyms & Opposites: Saying the Same Thing in Different Ways

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Instruction & Practice in Teaching & Learning Words with Similar or Opposite Meanings

Part 6 of What’s the Word? =  Synonyms & Opposites

$3 (14 Pages)

Who It’s For: Progressing Language Learners & Readers Ready for “Nuances of Meaning.” Their Teachers & Helpers.      

Why You Need It: When English users have enough vocabulary to communicate basic needs and simple ideas, they’ll want a variety of ways to express identical, similar, comparable, or contrary thoughts. Skills in “Saying the Same Thing in Different Ways” leads to more precise and effectively communication.

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  Find out why it’s useful to know synonyms and opposites—and why literal translation and simplistic repetition doesn’t work in real life.

[2]  Substitute usable synonyms for words in an article “The Powerful Influence of Weather.” Answer questions about its content with a variety of vocabulary choices.                            

[3] Try out ways to choose the “best” synonym for each context.

[4] Expand phrasing skills through judicious use of opposites in pairs of complementary & contrasting sentences. 

[4] To continue “Learning Beyond the Book,” make Vocabulary Charts of Synonyms & Opposites. Enjoy “playing with the possibilities” of expressing the same information and ideas with different words, connotations, and feelings.




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