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C-05.11 Use Motivating Vocabulary Puzzles as Tools to Teach & Learn Vocabulary.

C-05.11 Use Motivating Vocabulary Puzzles as Tools to Teach & Learn Vocabulary.

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Summarize & Review “Word Groupings” with Advanced Vocabulary Puzzles

2 Pages of Pedagogy, 12 of Advanced Vocabulary Puzzles, 5 of Solutions, 9 of Word Reference Lists from Advanced Phonics & Spelling Puzzles


$5 (30 Pages)                                              

Who They’re For: Vocabulary Puzzle Solvers That Enjoy “High-Level” Challenge       

Why You Need Them: When word puzzles are designed to evoke Homophones, Heteronyms, Homographs, Near Misses, Synonyms, & Opposites, they can be quite challenging. Vocabulary lovers that are “getting it” will derive satisfaction out of the complex design and content of these 12 puzzles.        

What You’ll Do: 

[1]  Use 2 pages of pedagogical info and inserted notes to consider and summarize vocabulary systems in English.

[2]  Do elaborate variants of puzzles named “Word Find,” “Criss-Cross,” “Linked Letters,” “Letter Choices,”  “Maze Words,”  “Switched Letters,”  “So What’s Different?” “Meaning Categories,” “Word Connect,” “Letter Jumble,” “Letter Connect,” and “Rebus Crossword.” Compare your solutions to those illustrated in the Answer Key.                           

[3] Find the words you’ve learned in the extensive attached Word Reference Lists: Puzzle Items. Look at the lists of Homophones & Homographs, Synonyms & Antonyms. Use them for review, summary, and assessment activities.

[4] Devise even better Puzzles of your own for others to solve. Connect what you know about Word Pairings & Groupings to your clues,  puzzle designs, and solutions.

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