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B-05 Vowel Sounds & Spellings (Full Product = 90 page Activities & Ideas Book with 60, 80, & 88-Card Decks)

B-05 Vowel Sounds & Spellings (Full Product = 90 page Activities & Ideas Book with 60, 80, & 88-Card Decks)

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Vowel Sounds & Spellings are among the most challenging areas in language development. Whether you're a teacher or a learner, this product is essential for understanding and mastering these intricacies. The Word-&-Picture Cards offer a hands-on and engaging approach to help you excel in pronunciation, reading, and spelling. The accompanying Activities & Ideas Book provides a wealth of pedagogy and instructions for effective learning.

Key Components:

  • Three (3) packs of leveled Picture/Word Cards arranged into 57 "Quartets"
  • 90-page Activities & Ideas Book


142 pages

Who They're For:

  • Students aged 5-8
  • Secondary school students
  • Young adults
  • Adult learners

What They Are: 

three (3) packs of leveled Picture/Word Cards arranged into 57 "Quartets" (sets of four-of-a-kind vocabulary items containing identical vowel sounds); also a 90-page Activities & Ideas Book of product description, pedagogy, prep + activity steps, game rules + variations, reference lists, language-skills lessons, and more 

Why You Need Them: 

In regard to pronunciation, oral reading, and orthography, Vowel Sounds & Spellings are among the most complicated areas of vocabulary or language-skills development. Supported and enhanced by info and instruction from the accompanying 90-page Activities & Ideas Book, these 288 Word-&-Picture Cards will help reduce the confusion, frustration, and pain that often arises when tackling the patterns and rules of instruction related to vowels.    

What The Activities & Ideas Book Does: 

outlines, practices, and helps learners retain the phonemic system of 15 to 22 distinct American-English vowel sounds, with regular, alternative, and exceptional spellings in representative one- and multi-syllable vocabulary items 

proposes preparatory "lessons" in which you

  • show the items while modeling and pointing out salient features of their articulation, getting learners to produce them comprehensibly  
  • use the technique of "Oral Vocabulary Quizzes" to connect items with their Parts of Speech, meanings, and uses in context, inserting "Mini-Lessons" in Grammar & Structure when useful
  • conduct "preview" activities for phonetic and graphemic awareness by having learners identify, distinguish, and compare sounds & spellings 
  • "teach" subject matter in stages by starting with the function of vowels as syllable nuclei; comparing simple("short")--and then complex ("long") vowel sounds with one another before contrasting them in larger groupings; reviewing what's helpful to know about voiced vs. voiceless and other consonants; showing and telling learners what they need in regard to syllable-stress patterns of words

lists all 288 items in a 10-page Vowel-Sounds Chart highlighting vowel spellings; locates them in the 3 leveled Card Packs; explains and illustrates pronunciation in diagrams, and shows exceptions; later displays many more relevant vocabulary items to consider

gives a "mini-course" on recognizing, using, and classifying words of 4 different parts of speech that not only teaches the concept but also integrates it into lessons/activities targeting Vowel Sounds & Spellings  

instructs users on how to enjoy the materials in ten (10) different classic competitive card games; suggests additional activities like "Fill-in Spelling Tests," "Finding Vowels," "Vowel Bingo/Lotto," "Path-Board Games," and "Brainstorming. 

What The Word & Picture Cards Do:  

divide pertinent learning points into "levels of challenge" by organizing them into 3 separate (but reducible or combinable) card packs:                      

  • Beginning Pack of 60 one-syllable items--most in the basic Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) "closed syllable" pattern--containing the 15 most frequent, recognizable sounds in this order: ă ĕ ĭ ŏ a:(r) ŭ ooû(r) ā ē  ī ō ū ou oi.  
  • an Intermediate Pack of 20 sets of four different one-syllable words--with regular, less common, and unusual spellings of the 15 vowels listed above--plus20 additional cards (5 sets of four) containing ô  â(r) ī(r) ō:(r) ū(r), for a total of 20distinct sounds 
  • an Advanced Pack containing items with all previous vowel sounds in stressed syllables of polysyllabic items--plus two more: aĭ(r) and aŭ(r), targeting 22 sounds in all 

contain 288 Card Faces of unique design that display parts of speech, pronunciation in 2 kinds of sound-symbols, illustrations of word meanings, and the items themselves--with relevant letter-spellings underlined and stressed syllables in larger type. They also indicate by shading and stars (***) which items are especially challenging to learn or unusual.  

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