C.12 Ways With Words Vocabulary Puzzles
C.12 Ways With Words Vocabulary Puzzles
C.12 Ways With Words Vocabulary Puzzles

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C.12 Ways With Words Vocabulary Puzzles


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Ways With Words Vocabulary Puzzles

For secondary – and adult - competency word-level to whole language lessons. Ways with Words presents practical vocabulary in these categories: Things, Foods, Actions, Clothing, Places, Jobs, Describing People, the Calendar Year, the Community, the World of Work, Housing & Neighborhoods, Transportation, Health & Illness, Leisure Time.

A teacher "HOW TO" provides proven ideas for effective use of the material. 

Puzzle types in each unit are Word Search, Crossword, Rebus or Scrambled Words, Missing Letters, Categories, Matching, Words in Context, and Expressions & Idioms. Chapters and activities gradually become more challenging. Many of the reproducible pages display simple, amusing cartoons illustrating target vocabulary and spelling items.

Enticed to succeed by “getting the right answers to solve the puzzles,” language learners can work individually or cooperatively. There’s an Answer Key. Activities in review chapters are designed for pair work.

Ways with Words is an appealing language teaching and learning tool.

It’s a classic that will continue to endure.