F.1.LS/RW.S Work/Life English - Skills Book - Level 1- Student
F.1.LS/RW.S Work/Life English - Skills Book - Level 1- Student
F.1.LS/RW.S Work/Life English - Skills Book - Level 1- Student

Work/Life English

F.1.LS/RW.S Work/Life English - Skills Book - Level 1- Student


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What It Is: The WLE Level 1 Competency Based Skills Book  is a 142-page student text for basic oral and written competency in everyday “Life Skills." Its ten (10) Chapter titles are the same as those in the WLE Level 1 Workbook. 

  • Things    •  Information    • Help     • Food & Money    • Time & Places      •  The Body   •  People    •  Emergencies   •  Work   •   Fun

Why You Need It: Beginners not only need to start at the beginning but also to get right to the essentials of practical language use in simple, direct ways. The text and audio address their immediate language needs in clear-cut but not demeaning formats.

What It Does: After (re-)learning alphabet letters and using them to understand and use people's names, text users are introduced to vital language functions, such as naming & describing; making & answering requests; expressing lack of understanding, needs, & wants; following instructions, using numbers & math, getting & giving personal information, and the like. These competencies are developed in a variety of exercises with minimal text and abundant visuals. 

Part One of each chapter starts with an introductory Strip Story to hear and read. It incorporates useful Vocabulary into hands-on practical reading/writing tasks. 

Part Two reinforces related competencies in Listening activities.  

Part Three targets necessary grammar points to practice in conversations that include substitutions and oral tasking. 

Part Four covers related reading and writing, usually with adapted realia (simplified everyday print matter). Some kinds of these are addresses, calendars, maps, menus, forms, times, messages, signs, etc.  

LEVEL 1 SKILLS - MP3 Audio download: provides beginning - level listening - comprehension segments for this book.

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Author:  Elaine Kirn

Suitable for: Secondary Students, Young Adults, Adults