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Work/Life English

F.1.G.S Work/Life English - Skills Workbook - Level 1- Student

F.1.G.S Work/Life English - Skills Workbook - Level 1- Student

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This comprehensive workbook targets Grammar Patterns, Spelling, and Vocabulary, all while focusing on practical topics relevant to daily life. It complements the language competencies covered in the corresponding Skills Book, explicit instruction and engaging exercises, providing learners with a solid foundation in language use and structure.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Learning.
  • Practical Topics.
  • Structured Approach.
  • Writing Practice.
  • Varied Exercise.
  • Vocabulary Building.


160 pages

Who They're For:

  • Secondary Students
  • Young Adults
  • Adults

What It Is: 

The WLE Level 1 Competency Based Workbook  is a 150-page student text that targets Grammar Patterns, Spelling, and Vocabulary as they relate to everyday  “Life Skills." To supplement the language-skills competencies covered in the corresponding Skills Book, its ten (10) Chapters are about the same topics:

  • Things    •  Information    •  Help     •  Food & Money      • Time & Places   •  The Body     •  People      •  Emergencies     •  Work     •   Fun

Why You Need It: 

While developing necessary ability in everyday language use, beginners can also benefit from explicit instruction in phrasing and sentence structure plus basic spelling patterns. The brief but plentiful sections in this worktext provide just that.   

What It Does: 

After offering practice in block printing and cursive writing, the book presents "grammar topics" such as singular vs. plural, noun phrases with adjectives, prepositions, verb forms, possessives, affirmative vs. negative, modal verbs, personal pronouns, verb tenses, the verb be, and more. Text users demonstrate their grasp of these patterns in matching, fill-in, and other kinds of exercises. 

Parts One, Two, and Three of each chapter focus on the most common sentence structures and grammar rules.  

Part Four reinforces phonics patterns, spelling, and writing conventions. 

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