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Work/Life English

F.1.LS/RW.T Work/Life English - Skills Book - Level 1- Teacher

F.1.LS/RW.T Work/Life English - Skills Book - Level 1- Teacher

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This comprehensive manual is tailored for those who are embarking on a journey to teach or learn the essentials of language use in everyday life. This manual pairs perfectly with the WLE Level 1 Skills Book, offering a condensed version of the student text along with valuable teaching resources. As an invaluable teaching companion, it is enriched with supplementary material to guide and enhance the learning experience.

Key Components:

  • Comprehensive Guide.
  • Supplementary Resources.
  • Vocabulary List.
  • Audioscript.
  • Time-Saving:
  • Efficient Teaching.
  • Enhanced Learning.


155 pages

Who They're For:

  • Instructors + Tutors of Secondary Students
  • Young Adults
  • Adults
  • Independent learners.

What It Is: 

The Instructor's Annotated Edition for WLE Level 1 Skills Book is a 148-page manual for those who are teaching themselves or others the fundamentals of language use in everyday life. All 143 pages of the Intro + ten chapters of the LIfe Skills text appear in reduced size on its first 92 pages. Supplemental material follows.         

Why You Need It: 

Whether you're teaching a class or learning on your own, you need your own copy of the learning material. Also, having teaching tips and techniques, exercise answers, and reproducible worksheets at hand can be reassuring--and save time and trouble.   

What It Does: 

Below each small copy of each text page are notes--suggested steps for teachers and students to take in using the material. In the back of the manual are eleven reproducible Pronunciation Worksheets, designed to direct learners' attention to the correlations between sounds and letters (phonics), word endings, syllable-stress patterns, phrase and sentence focus points to emphasize, speech rhythm, and intonation.

Finally, there's a Vocabulary List for the entire student book, followed by an Audioscript of all material recorded on CDs or an MP# Download.
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