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J-01.00 Immerse & Extend Yourselves Fully Into All of "The Game of Knowledge: Agreeable Aging"

J-01.00 Immerse & Extend Yourselves Fully Into All of "The Game of Knowledge: Agreeable Aging"

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This package includes a diverse array of materials, from an interactive Activity & Idea Book to engaging Question & Answer Cards, quiz handouts, discussions, humor, and wisdom to engage learners of various backgrounds and ages. It encompasses a range of formats, making learning about Agreeable Aging an enjoyable and enriching experience for all.

Key Components:

  • One 40-page Activity & Idea Resource Book
  • One 68-page book of Quiz Handouts
  • Six decks of 54 Two-Sided Question & Answer Cards (324 cards in total)
  • Three Game Boards


225 pages

Who They're For:

Whether or not you—and those you work / play with—are aging or not, you-all are likely to engage with information, awareness, and ideas related to ever-present, evolving life developments & changes.  Here’s a baseline of (Agreeable Aging) materials serving as a Floating Foundation of Materials to launch an abundance of (Self-) Teaching / Learning Adventures.

Why We Wrote It: 

While on Sabbatical caring for and about our aging elders, we got to studying the Effects of Aging on our own and others’ (Self-)Teaching / Learning Abilities—of both (English & foreign) languages and content most relevant to our lives.  Again,  we noted that the Question & Answer Format works for both groups & individuals—in both formal (college) courses & independent learning.  And how much more energetic it becomes when combined with a prolific  variety of customized Game Formats, Involvement in Subject Matter, Wisdom, and Humor.  

Why You Need It: 

All based on the ever-expanding Subject Matter of Aging Well, here are four elements that work and play nicely together:  [1] a full-sized 40-page Activity & Idea Book of Rationale, Game Boards, Instructions, Wisdom, Discussion Topics, Humor, Informational Resources; [2] six two-sided 54-Card Decks of 54 Questions & Answers in three (3) formats (True / False, Multiple Choice, & Short Answer) to print out on 9 x 6 back-to-back pages and cut apart.  [3] a full-sized 68-page book of Quiz Handouts on the same -topics, making approximately equivalent points as the material in the Card Decks.  It contains 12 pages of 54 True / False Items with 6 pages of Annotated Answers + 42 pages of 54 Multiple-Choice Questions—reinforcing the same or similar info—followed by Answers.  It’s a tidy, easily relatable / extendable package of substance that everyone will need to involve themselves with eventually.  

What You’ll / They’ll Do:  

[1] Look over the eight components of the package: the 40-page Resource Book, the 6 Card Decks of 54 Questions & Answers each on the topics [1] Definitions of Terms, [2] Myth Vs. Fact, [3] The Mind & Senses, [5] Illness & Disability, [5] Aging in Society, [6] Success in Aging; and the 56-page book of Quiz Handouts & Answers.  Note how they all fit together and how they differ from—and complement—one another.  

[2] Get ideas from the materials themselves and other resources on how to best utilize—and go beyond—them.  Focus on your own unique (situational) needs, preferences, and wishes.  Have a good time, teach / learn, and engage others as you “mature.” 

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