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H-02.14a Q & A Methods & Means for U.S. Symbols, Holidays, & People

H-02.14a Q & A Methods & Means for U.S. Symbols, Holidays, & People

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Comprehensive Questioning & Answering Resource Derived From 48 Two-Sided, Three-Form Q & A Cards on Topic 1 (Americana Symbols, Holidays, & People) from English Through Citizenship / Journey Through America: the Game (+ 3 Variable Game of Knowledge Boards) All Stuffed into 84 Pages

Who It’s For: Educators, especially of Adults, seeking alternative teaching methods/materials that work!  Who are willing to try, and to observe, the Efficacy & Power of the "Three-Form Questioning & Answering" method in Educational & Competitive Game-Playing Contexts—and who want to see for themselves how well it works for their students.

Why We Created It: To share what we learned, our findings, and methods while we tried to transform our boxed, printed Game: English Through Citizenship / A Journey Through America (H-02.13) into digital format, so we can deliver and you can utilize it online, as well as download, print and play / use it ASAP.

What happened was: Our intentions appeared to be simple and straight forward. BUT, we quickly learned we were mistaken. From printed and boxed, to digital and online, required a number of intricate, time-consuming, complex steps. 

First, we opened a shrink-wrapped, intact Game Box containing a folded 17” x 11" colorful, sturdy Path Board, game pieces, and six (6) Decks of 48 color-coded, two-sided Cards —the critical core material of the 48 Learning Points of its Americana, Cultural Literacy, U.S.A. Social Studies Subject Matter.  We soon noted that the original 48 x 3 Q & A’s seemed simplistic and in need of serious improvement. We went about doing just that. Unexpectedly, we soon found ourselves involved in changing and expanding the very concept of Questioning / Answering to:

  • Polar Items that are either Yes / No Questions with rising intonation and/or True / False Statements with multiple (underlined) Details, any number of which might be correct or wrong.
  • Alternative / Multiple-Choice Items in the form of Questions with Inverted Word Order + Rising-Falling Pitch and/or Statements with Blanks to Fill in with any one, some, or all of the offered Choices.
  • (Sets of) Wh-Questions to evoke either Closed-Ended or Open-Ended responses—limited, definite, [in]correct pieces of Information or unbounded, less defined, adjustable comments & views.     

What these Updated, Digitized Materials Contain:  

[1] Americana Symbols, Holidays, & People from English Thru Citizenship / Journey Thru America; Front Matter, Table of Contents, Article on “How does the Art & Practice of Question & Answering Support or Achieve Educational, Work, & Everyday Success?” 5 Pages. 

[2] Article on “So What Are the Three (3) Kinds of Questioning? Aren’t They Polar, Alternative, & Informational?"  Separate Articles on All Three + 8 Pages of Topic 1 Sample Interrogatives + 6 Pages of Sample Responses Each = 51 Pages.  

[3] 48 Trio / Triad Cards with 3 Questions & Answers Each on 8 Two-Sided Pages = 18 Pages.

[4]  Game Boards One, Two, Three with Explanation & Variably Sized Images = 10 Pages.

ALL of this is detailed in: H-02.14a Q & A Methods & Means for U.S. Symbols, Holidays, & People 

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